Colin Smith

You want to be better. You are stretching yourself out in pursuit of a more godly life. Do you sometimes find that you’re discouraged by the progress that you’re NOT making? You want to be a better Christian, but you’re not there yet, and you’re painfully aware of it.

That’s what the doctrine of sanctification does: It promotes humility and effort. It says to us “You haven’t arrived yet. You have a long way to go. Press on.” I need this great truth in my life and so do you. I need to apply myself to become more holy. With God’s help, I need to work on being less selfish, less critical, more generous, and more thankful.

Are you as holy as you want to be? The first sign of holiness is that you want to be more holy than you are. The problem we face in sanctification is discouragement. If sanctification is the only truth you have grasped, the Christian life will always seem beyond you.

That’s why alongside sanctification, we need regeneration that reminds us of what God has already done, so that we find strength and joy to continue the journey....

Regeneration is the oasis for your soul. It tells you that alongside the work that Christ continues, there is the work that He has already done. That’s water to a thirsty soul!

...Drink deeply of this water. Let Christ tell you who you are in Him. Take in the miracle of grace that He has already done. Stop fretting about what you’re not, and take in who you already are: In Christ you are a new creation. The old has gone. The new has come! Take in this truth. Drink of this water. It will be life to you. It will help you overcome discouragement.

Taken from “Why Thirsty Christians Don’t Drink” by Unlocking the Bible Ministries (used by permission).