Jack Graham

Those first disciples and Christ-followers realized that walking with Jesus would not be easy, but they also knew the great rewards of following him.

Look at Matthew. He gave up financial security, but he also gave up a dishonest career. Jesus restored his character and gave him eternal life!

Jesus words, "Follow me," spoke to Matthew's heart. When Jesus said, "Follow me," it was more of a command than a call, really. He was saying, "Start today, and for the rest of your life, follow me!" And "Follow me" doesn't mean to trail along behind. It means to walk alongside!

What a magnificent invitation Matthew received. The great God of the universe said, "Come walk alongside me now and forever!"

You see, the invitation to follow Jesus was really a great gift to Matthew. A man who thought he could never be forgiven, became a follower. He started new in Jesus!

And Jesus offers you the same invitation… the gift of himself to you. Which means you can turn from your past.

Right now, Jesus Christ is passing your way and he's calling your name saying, "Follow me." Leave your sin and walk into a brand new future with him!

Taken from "Jesus is a Gift to You" by PowerPoint Ministries (used by permission).